We are happy to be in-network with most health insurance companies for Chiropractic and many of the major insurance companies for Acupuncture. If you DO have insurance coverage, your cost of services is determined by your copay, co-insurance and deductible amounts, if any, as set by your health plan. You can also purchase therapeutic Add-Ons** that are not covered by insurance. If you do NOT have insurance, you can still utilize our services! Below is a breakdown of our pricing:

We are happy to offer acupuncture and chiropractic services to veterans with VA Community Care benefits in our area!

Yes, we do accept workers’ compensation insurance and motor vehicle insurance for Chiropractic appointments in the case of injury due to accidents. Please make this known at the time of booking your appointment.

Please call your health insurance plan and familiarize yourself with your benefits. You will need to understand things like:
1. Do you need a referral?
2. How many visits do you get?
3. What is your copay?
4. Do you have a deductible and if so, how much has been met?
5. Do you have co-insurance?
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