We are proud to carry some of our favorite products in our office that we regularly stock.


Tiger Balm is a topical petroleum-based herbal ointment that “works where it hurts”, and is a tried and true topical analgesic for sore and achy muscles and joints.


Badger Balm is a manufacturer of herbal and botanical healing products. We are stand behind their business philosophy and are proud to carry many of their products: “We believe in using botanical ingredients that are grown in healthy soil and processed simply without the use of chemicals. Ingredients like these are filled with life force. They make for better products, for healthier people, and for a healthier planet”. We carry their muscle and joint balms, their soother sticks, lip balms, sunscreen and bug spray.


Biofreeze is topical cold therapy that helps quickly cool inflamed muscles and joints by constricting blood vessels to reduce swelling and numb pain. We recommend biofreeze for acute injury and inflammation (like in the first 24 hours of injury, or for migraines that respond best to cold). For more chronic achiness, we prefer the warmth for Badger Balm or Tiger Balm.


Custom Orthotics are supportive structures that are shaped exactly to your foot to give you support where you need it. They are worn inside your shoes (and can easily be moved from one pair of shoes to another) and they help correct misalignments in the spine that are affected by the chain of joints from your feet up through your ankles, knees and hips. These are molded to your feet, so you need an appointment for this service. You can do this from our scheduling page.

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